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Guardian Safety Solutions International Inc.
Guardian 3 - Model G300 B

When a stove-top fire occures the sensor will activate at a pre-set temerature and signal the main CPU board. This board automatically sends a signal to release the extinguisher valve assembly, discharging the wet agent and simultaneously activating the CPU mounted alarm.

More outputs are available for additional accessories to be utilized upon systems’ activation. Each system can also be wired into an existing alarm panel showing system activation.



The Flamefast Kitchensafe fire suppression system is quick and easy to install and compatible with all four and six burner ranges. It can be installed next to the appliance or inside a kitchen cupboard out of sight. This unique system consists of an easy to clean stainless steel wall mounted cabinet which houses the extinguishant agent tank and electronics. The system is supplied with a manifold which houses the nozzles, temperature sensor and quick release hoses which connect to the cabinet. Kitchensafe operates automatically in the event of fi re which removes the risk of a person attempting to fi ght the fi re with conventional extinguishers or fi re blankets. The system has a typical fire knock down time within 5 seconds of discharge, allowing the remaining discharge time to cool and render the affected area completely safe.