Fire & Life Safety Workshop.
Protect Your Employees & Business From Fire.

Restaurant owners and managers must provide proper Fire & Life Safety Education in order to protect their employees and business from fire. Here are some ways employers can minimize the dangers of a fire in the commercial kitchen:

• Educate employees on Fire Suppression System use.
PFS will train your employees and managers properly to safely activate the overhead fire suppression system. In the unfortunate event of a fire, your employees will have the proper education and training to activate your fire suppression system correctly.

• Educate employees on Fire Extinguisher use.
PFS will train your employees and managers to properly use a fire extinguisher. Your staff will have the education and training to properly extinguish a fire.

PFS offers hands-on Fire & Life Safety Workshops for your employees and managers. The workshop includes how and when to use the Fire Suppression System, how to use a Fire Extinguisher in case of fire, and also includes informative short videos and a powerpoint slide show presentation.

PFS also offers Live Fire Training using real fire extinguishers pressurized with water for a safer and environmentally cleaner alternative than messy ABC powder.

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